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Vietnam Space Center Project

Vietnam Space Center project (herein as “the Project”) was approved under Decision number 1731/QĐ-KHCNVN on December 21, 2011 by the President of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.

The Project was suggested, implemented and executed by:

  • Line agency: Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
  • Implementing agency:  Vietnam National Satellite Center
  • Executing agency: Vietnam National Satellite Center

The targets of the Project include:

  • Install and upgrade a system for warning and mitigating the influences of nature disaster and climate change, managing nature resources and monitoring environment, assisting the social – economic development and national security via the development and integration of the facilities and equipment for Earth observation satellites.
  • Aim to acquire technology to self-produce micro-satellite for Vietnam with regards to the approved target “Strategy for research and applications of space technology until 2020” of Vietnam; from which to boost science and high-technology development as well as facilitating industries.

In order to fulfil the above targets, the Project must carry our 3 main tasks:

Firstly, Infrastructure, construction and equipment: including Assembling, integrating and testing infrastructure for micro-satellite; Satellite signal transmitting and receiving station; Area for research and deployment; Area for education and training; Library; Operational area.

Secondly, Technology transfer: including Develop earth observation micro-satellite using radar technology via the designing, manufacturing and launching of 02 satellites and Satellite data image applications.

Thirdly, Human resource development: develop human resources for management team, research team and space science and technology specialist team.

The Project is supposed to be accomplished between 2011 and 2020. After completing the construction and equipment installation, the project will be still under deployment until 2025 (5 years after the satellite is launched) in order to effectively exploit satellite image data and to continue technical assistance process. After that, the Project will be transferred to Vietnam National Satellite Center to receive and operate, including the micro-satellite manufacturing.

The Project will be built on 3 locations as below:

  • Vietnam Space Center will be constructed at Hoa Lac Hi-tech park, Hanoi on an area of 7.4ha
  • Observatory II will be constructed at Hon Chong hill, Nha Trang on an area of 662 square meters
  • Ho Chi Minh city Space Technology Application Center will be constructed at Ho Chi Minh hi-tech park, Ho Chi Minh city on an area of 3.4ha.



LOTUSat satellite
LOTUSat satellite