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Operational Readiness Review meeting of MicroDragon Project

In three days, from 3rd to 5th of July, 2017, Operational Readiness Review meeting (ORR) has been held at the University of Tokyo. The attendees include representative of Vietnam National Satellite Center, the professors from 5 Japanese universities and the students from VNSC.

In the framework of this meeting, the following tasks have been conducted:

1.Pre-integration of MicroDragon hardware components with MicroDragon structure’s flight model. This task was conducted to verify the fitting characteristic of the mechanical interface.


Engineers of VNSC are integrating the Enginnering  –  Flight model of MicroDragon satellite.


The integration process of the MicroDragon satellite

2.Performing satellite operation process for the multi-spectrum cameras system and the store-and-forward system. This task was conducted to verify the operational readiness of the satellite system from the mission operation point of view. Simulated ground station system, communication system with X-band transmitter and S-band transceiver, electrical power system and mission payload system are involved in this test.


MicroDragon project members monitoring the satellite while the operation test is on going.

In the last day of the meeting, the project members had a short discussion about the testing results. All members of the project has agreed the MicroDragon satellite is ready to operate on orbit. In next two months, which is also the last two months of development phase of MicroDragon satellite, all hardware components will be shipped to Kyushu Institute of Technology to conduct the final integration process and the environmental tests. Results of these tests will be used for Launching Readiness Review (LRR) in the early of September. The MicroDragon team hopes the satellite will be ready to launch into orbit as scheduled.


MicroDragon team at ORR meeting

Ngo Thanh Cong