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“MicroDragon” – a satellite made by Vietnamese engineers plan to launch into orbit in 2018

3D of MDG

MicroDragon satellite (Source: VNSC)

According to the official announcement from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), within the framework to expand the satellite development education assistance to emerging countries, a satellite made by Vietnamese engineers “MicroDragon” will be sent into orbit by Epsilon rocket, a Japanese solid-fuel rocket designed to launch scientific satellites in 2018.


VNSC engineers test MicroDragon satellite at Kyushu university (Source: VNSC)

The “MicroDragon” satellite measures 50x50x50cms and weighs fifty kilogram. It has been developed by young engineers of Vietnam National Satellite Center (VNSC) with a great support from Japanese professors in 5 universities (Keio University, Tokyo University, Hokkaido University, Tohoku University and Kyushu University).

The main objectives of “MicroDragon” satellite are:

  • To observe ocean color in order to assess coastal water quality, locate living resources, and monitor changes of phenomena in coastal water for aquaculture development in Vietnam.
  • To detect cover of cloud and characteristics of aerosols for atmospheric corrections.
  • To get information from sensors in ground, then the data will be transmitted quickly to different areas.
  • To test new materials (Atomic Oxygen, Antimony Tin Oxide Coating Solar Cell)

With the support for launching “MicroDragon” satellite using Epsilon rocket from JAXA that confirm a tighter cooperation between Vietnam and Japan in satellite technology for the purpose of education.

(Source JAXA and VNSC)