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United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Vietnam Visits Vietnam National Space Center

In the morning of June 25, 2020, H. E. Obaid Saeed Al Dhaheri, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Vietnam visited Vietnam National Space Center (VNSC), where he met and had discussions with Director General Dr. Pham Anh Tuan and other VNSC staff.

UAE Embassy in Hanoi at Vietnam National Space Center

H. E. Obaid Saeed Al Dhaheri was impressed with VNSC achievements after a short introduction video. H. E. Ambassador shared that in UAE, young generation development is one of the focuses. As Vietnam has a very large portion of young population, H. E. Ambassador expressed his hope to create cooperation between the two countries in the development of future generations through space technologies activities. Dr. Pham Anh Tuan welcomed the idea and emphasized that it is officially one of the missions of VNSC. He also said that VNSC’s Space Exploration Center has been organizing many events for students to involve, and this is one of the first activities that the two sides can proceed on mutual cooperation soon.

H. E. Ambassador is willing to set up a direct discussion between UAE Space Agency and VNSC considering the matter.

H. E. Obaid Saeed Al Dhaheri at VNSC campus in Hoa Lac High-tech Park

In this occasion, H. E. Ambassador Mr. Obaid Saeed Al Dhaheri also visited VNSC campus in Hoa Lac High-tech Park, including Hoa Lac Observatory and Planetarium.

The both sides agreed to keep close contact, aiming to promote cooperation in the future.