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Space Exploration at Hoa Lac Observatory

Vietnam National Space Center (VNSC), Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, welcomes visitors to go to Hoa Lac Observatory and experience attractive activities suitable for preschool students, school students, university students, and individuals as well as groups of people with interest in space science and technology.

Space exploration with former NASA Administrator inside the planetarium, Hoa Lac Observatory

Come to Hoa Lac Observatory, visitors have chance to enjoy full-dome 3D astronomy videos and movies projected onto a dome screen by six high-resolution projectors. Visitors also get opportunity to study satellite technology and application, or explore the cosmos by joining several public education activities.

Know of the sky and constellations

How much do you know about our mysterious universe? Why are there days and nights? How planets move in space? Are the constellations similar? And lots of other questions will be answered during the lecture show “Our sky and the constellations”.

A student studying planets

Besides, “From the Earth to the Universe”, “Phantom of the Universe”, or “Two small pieces of glass” also provide audiences with useful and interesting knowledge about space science and technology.

Study satellite technology and application

This activity introduces science knowledge and space technologies during the history of human’s space exploration as well as provides tools for studying popular space instruments and equipment.

VNSC staff preparing instruments to teach students making rocket and satellite models

 “Study Satellite technology and application” activity also helps visitors to make rocket and satellite models as well as design, test and upgrade the prototype of a lander themselves.

Explore the cosmos

During lectures from basic to advanced level such as “Planets in the Solar system”, “Lunar phase”, or “Apparent motion of planets” by experts from Vietnam National Space Center, students can gain new knowledge of the mysterious universe. In parallel with the theory section, the students will also have chance to practise with small portable telescopes and study themselves.

Cosmos exploration lectures by VNSC staff

Hoa Lac Observatory is currently under beta-testing operation, thus Vietnam National Space Center would firstly welcome groups only. Should you have any enquiries for more details, please don’t hesitate to contact our Hotline at (+84) 32.899.7997 (mobile) and (+84) 24.379.17675 ext. 8079/9073 (office) or visit our official Facebook page atám-phá-Vũ-trụ-cùng-VNSC-Trung-tâm-Vũ-trụ-Việt-Nam-101295737887902/